Videos are Everywhere, but Get the Strategies Right for 2018 by Edward De Valle II

Videos are Everywhere, but Get the Strategies Right for 2018 by Edward De Valle II

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They are addictive, and some of us have spent entire days and weekends watching one video after another. As we approach 2018, content marketers couldn’t have asked for a better, more powerful medium to hook their audiences. Videos derive their appeal from the power of visuals, words and a personal presence that is hard to achieve with other media.

“Not all videos are made alike, nor are all videos marketed equally well. This calls for a new and renewed thinking on how to produce and distribute them to the audience which is now eager to watch anything that is put up online,” says Edward De Valle.

The figures for video marketing are hard to believe, but one survey reveals an average watch time of 5.5 hours every day per consumer. In this mass appeal, videos have taken over blogs, infographics and other marketing material by a great distance. The sales figures support the effectiveness of video marketing ad advertising, with data showing a jump in sales when videos are included.

For video production, Edward De Valle marketing and public relation consultation services offer a complete set of services. Edward De Valle & his experts have created a unique strategy to weave its paid media campaigns around the client’s financial goals. The activities are informed by prior research, and include both the traditional and new media formats. Some of the major paid media services include apps and mobility, online videos, soclal, below the line activation, and television and cable.

Every day, social media sites report between 6-8 billion video views. No wonder every other business today aspires to create that one ‘viral video’. For 2018, one can expect greater refinement and improvement in production and marketing of videos. The following three issues will gain limelight in the year 2018.

Firstly, the autoplay feature has been a little contentious among advertisers owing to unique consumer preferences. Some like to watch one video after another, while other consumers are discreet and wish to have better control over what they watch.

Secondly, native video is not be discarded. In fact, it is seen as a better alternative to hosting videos on social networking sites due to various reasons. It is easier to gather detailed statistics from one’s own website or server, and the video itself can be presented and marketed better. So one should expect a rise in native video hosting as well.

Lastly, the share of video streaming in total data consumed online will increase even further from the current 75+ percent to over 80 percent. Video marketing must therefore be a major component of marketing efforts for all industries, be it manufacturing, real estate, travel or consumer goods.

“The rise of the video is amazing, and we expect its march to continue in the coming years. Businesses in education, travel, retail and hospitality should consider making refined strategies for delivering video content to their audience and customers,” says Edward De Valle.

Edward De Valle has emerged as the major marketing communications global consultant due to his experts ability to give a voice to their client’s vision. Since its strategies are geared towards return on investment, its team has gained expertise in executing marketing plans that bring revenue and deliver results by combining both traditional and new media. As a research oriented and forward thinking agency, Edward De Valle and his experts are able to generate remarkable results for its clients in a wide range of industries.

In digital marketing too, videos are central to any campaign, and Edward De Valle has a full bouquet of offerings. Digital marketing is known to be a complicated affair, and ad budgets that are often huge can be ineffective if buzzwords abound and results are meager. Edward De Valle and his experts therefore have worked on campaign strategies to bring in traffic that matters and create conversations. This is what meet’s a client’s goals. Some of the offerings in this field include e-mail and contextual marketing, pay per click, SEO and social media, banner network ads and geo-tracking.

Edward De Valle aims to build long relationships between his clients and their audiences through a strategic communication process’s. This translates into creative and adaptable ways to reach the target audience. The industries that Edward De Valle and his experts can serve include consumer goods, travel, real estate, education, health, luxury lifestyle and many more. The offerings include blogging and media relations, branding, events, research, internal communications and social media marketing.


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